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Tools to create, enhance or modify Microsoft Access user forms.

AccessImagine               Shareware
AccessImagine is a ActiveX component for storing images in various projects as easy as possible. You need to place it on form while designing your application and bind to some database field. It captures images from TWAIN and WIA devices or video sources (including webcams).
[ Affiliated: February 14, 2021 ]

acForm               Freeware MDB
This OneFrmTool changes the size of (almost) all controls on a form.
[ Affiliated: July 21, 2002 ]

Forms Wizard               Freeware
The Forms Format Wizard can be used to change the format of Forms, Form Sections, Text Boxes, List Boxes, Combo Boxes and Labels on forms.
[ Affiliated: March 08, 2003 ]

FormToScreen               commercial (demo available)
FormToScreen fits the size of form to the actual screen size automaticaly permanently or on opening.
[ Affiliated: August 22, 2004 ]

GOSTReSIZe - MS Access Realtime Resizer               Freeware Add-In
The GOSTReSIZe add-in creates VBA code, that resizes all controls at runtime according to the form size.
[ Affiliated: December 17, 2006 ]

Automatically rescale/resize your MS Access forms, controls, and fonts to fit any screen resolution, desktop scheme, or font setting.
[ Affiliated: May 05, 2002 ]

Smart Form Builder Wizard               MDA
Create smarter Access forms. Automatically builds ready to run forms with navigation and auto-filtering built-in.
[ Affiliated: May 18, 2002 ]

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