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Database normalization            
Article at Wikipedia on database normalization with lots of information and further reading links.
[ Affiliated: May 01, 2005 ]

Database Normalization Tips            
This Microsoft Access 2002 technical article on MSDN offers tips to developers to help them avoid some of the pitfalls when designing Access tables. This article applies to Microsoft Access databases (.mdb) and Microsoft Access projects (.adp).
[ Affiliated: March 09, 2008 ]

Microsoft Access and SQL Server Database Normalization Tips            
This article is an overview of the basic database normalization concepts and some common pitfalls to consider and avoid.
[ Affiliated: December 19, 2008 ]

Relationale Datenbanken            
An introduction to the design of relational data bases by Andreas Kelz.
[ Affiliated: December 14, 2003 ]

Sample Data Models for Relational Database Design            
Here you will find some sample relational database design, data models. These models will cover sample relational database designs and will be fully structured and normalised to allow future expansion.
[ Affiliated: November 11, 2007 ]            
The source for news and tips on databases, tools, SQL Server and DB2.
[ Affiliated: November 11, 2001 ]

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