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Save the dates (November 11, 2023)

The next Access DevCon is planned for 18 and 19 April 2024 and the 26th German Access-Entwickler-Konfernz in Nuremberg is scheduled for 19 and 20 October 2024.

25. AEK (Access Developer Conference) in Nuremberg (September 09, 2023)

The 25th AEK - the largest Access developer conference in the world - will take place on 14 + 15.10.2023 in Nuremberg and there are still a few places available (registration). This year I have the pleasure to present my tool XML2VBA and (at the Access evening) will show how I save my application options easily and comfortably.

Less is more (May 21, 2023)

After I have recently renewed the site technically and visually, it is now the turn of the content. On a few rainy, non-working days, I ran the database, browser, content blocker and virus scanner at full speed and checked all the links (at least roughly) by hand. In the process, I removed many pages that no longer exist (including some that I remember as really valuable), adjusted quite a few links and descriptions, and deleted or merged some categories.
Now the catalogue is only half the size, but twice as valuable again, because it only contains up-to-date links. But since this can change daily, I hope that you will continue to notify me of pages that have disappeared or changed.

Spring makes everything new (May 07, 2023)

Not only are the rumours about the demise of Access somewhat exaggerated, but the end of Yaccess and Yexcel is still far off. After 22 years, I have visually adapted the website to the current Office colours and brought it up to date with HTML and CSS technology.
And I took the opportunity to modernise and improve the Yaccess generator - the Access database I use to manage the content and generate the (static) web pages. Now Yaccess and Yexcel are generated in both languages from one code base, with uniform HTML and (except for the colours) identical CSS.
I hope you like the site as much as I do and help me with new links and your feedback to keep it up to date for another 22 years.

The future of Microsoft Access (March 19, 2023)

On the ACCESS FOREVER blog, Karl Donaubauer has once again summarised why the end of Microsoft Access is not as near as is often claimed:

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