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Access 97 Sample: ActiveX Controls Sample Database            
Sample for the using of diverse ActiveX components in forms.
[ Affiliated: December 15, 2002 ]

AnimatedGifPlayer                  Freeware
Class to allow for the playback of Animated Gif files in a standard Access Image Control. No ActiveX controls or external DLL's are required.
[ Affiliated: March 23, 2003 ]

Clock From Around The World                  Freeware
This is a utility that will show you your Local Machine Time, Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and a time from a Time Zone that you choose from a combo box.
[ Affiliated: January 25, 2003 ]

MonthCalendar                  Freeware
Completely API generated Month Calendar derived directly from the Common Control DLL.
[ Affiliated: December 19, 2004 ]

ODB Kalender               Freeware MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Advanced version of the calendar from the German KnowHow.mdb.
[ Affiliated: October 17, 2004 ]

Progressbar (Fortschrittsanzeige)                     [ Translate this page ]
How to integrate the Microsoft ProgressBar Control into your own databases shows this sample.
[ Affiliated: November 12, 2006 ]

RichText                  Freeware
RTF2 control is an ActiveX RTF solution written in VC++. The control is a complete editing/printing solution for Access 97 or higher.
[ Affiliated: October 31, 2004 ]

Stoppuhr - digitale Stoppuhr mit grosser Anzeige               Freeware MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Sample digital stopwatch.
[ Affiliated: September 05, 2004 ]

TabColor                  Freeware
MDB containing a class to enhance the standard Access TAB control in order to allow for tabs of any color and rotated text.
[ Affiliated: June 15, 2003 ]

Uhr                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Diverse clocks: analogue, digital, stopwatch.
[ Affiliated: August 10, 2003 ]

Visualisierung                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Visualisation with Access own means, e.g. progress bars, thermometer, status bar.
[ Affiliated: July 13, 2003 ]

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