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AlternateColorDetailSection                  Freeware
Class to allow for alternate bands of color for Forms in Continuous View.
[ Affiliated: May 18, 2003 ]

Balkendiagramm mit Endlosformularen                     [ Translate this page ]
Reflections and solutions for displaying Gantt diagrams in endless forms.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2004 ]

continous form resize itself                  MDB
Introduces a way for smaller tables resp. amounts of queried data to be shown all together in a continuous form.
[ Affiliated: June 01, 2003 ]

Form Validate Class                  Freeware MDB
This class allows you to keep all your validation code in one class, and lets you use the same validation code for one field on different forms.
[ Affiliated: October 20, 2002 ]

FormCrossTab                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Flexible crosstabs in subforms.
[ Affiliated: May 31, 2004 ]

FormLinkedTables                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Three versions for showing data from other tables in a form.
[ Affiliated: March 28, 2005 ]

FormResize                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Resize subforms dynamically to the form size.
[ Affiliated: July 27, 2003 ]

FormScreenPos                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Miscellaneous samples for handling form positions on the screen.
[ Affiliated: October 09, 2005 ]

Laufschrift                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
How to create your own ticker on an Access form.
[ Affiliated: December 14, 2003 ]

Laufschrift - laufende Schrift in Access-Formular               Freeware MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Samples for moving tickers on your form or subform, with colour selection dialog.
[ Affiliated: August 22, 2004 ]

Move and Resize form windows from code                  Freeware
This Class Module hides the API functions and provides generic methods to move and size your forms.
[ Affiliated: February 08, 2003 ]

Shaped Forms                  Freeware
This one was just for the fun of doing something. It started out on a discussion in the pt.comp.programacao about the possibility of making round form.
[ Affiliated: July 13, 2003 ]

SubFormSelect                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Multiple selection and sorting in subforms.
[ Affiliated: December 26, 2005 ]

ToolTip                  Freeware
Database containing both an API and Form based ToolTip solutions.
[ Affiliated: December 14, 2003 ]

Window Manipulation Examples                  Freeware MDB
Window Manipulation examples are a set of functions and Windows API calls that allow you to manipulate window size and position from within MS Access.
[ Affiliated: August 17, 2002 ]

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