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Samples for exporting data from or creating reports in your Microsoft Access database.

Access 97 Sample: Graph Sample Database            
Examples of graph types, how to manipulate graphs in Microsoft Graph 8.0, and how to modify graph using Visual Basic for Applications code.
[ Affiliated: January 25, 2003 ]

Access 97 Sample: Reports            
Database with over 30 sample reports. These samples demonstrate how to create custom reports to organize and present information the way you want.
[ Affiliated: November 17, 2002 ]

acQR-Code               Freeware      [ Translate this page ]
Class and test application for creating QR codes using the freeware SimpleCodeGenerator from NirSoft.
[ Affiliated: November 10, 2021 ]

BaseLine                  Freeware
Functions allowing you to place different size Fonts on the same BaseLine.
[ Affiliated: November 30, 2003 ]

ControlReport                  Freeware
Functions to allow the developer programmatic control of the Report Print Preview Window. Specifically you can access the ZOOM and Current Page Number Controls.
[ Affiliated: July 27, 2003 ]

Datev                  [ Translate this page ]
Exporting data in DATEV format (used by German tax accountants).
[ Affiliated: March 14, 2004 ]

DTA-Modul                  A97      [ Translate this page ]
Class module for creating the German financial data exchange format DTAUS.
[ Affiliated: February 01, 2004 ]

Import/Export von Daten über die Windows-Zwischenablage                     [ Translate this page ]
This sample shows you, how to exchange data with other applications e. g. Microsoft Excel via the Windows clipboard.
[ Affiliated: July 09, 2015 ]

LeaderDots                  Freeware
Functions to allow a user to fill in the space between 2 controls with leading dots.
[ Affiliated: November 02, 2003 ]

MixBoldPlain                  Freeware
Functions to allow the developer to mix Bold and Plain formatting within a single Control. Demonstrates how to use the Print method of the Report object.
[ Affiliated: October 17, 2004 ]

OBD Export               Freeware MDB      [ Translate this page ]
How to create an csv file without using the Access wizard.
[ Affiliated: July 11, 2004 ]

OBD WordBrief               Freeware MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Create and manage Word documents with integrated history management.
[ Affiliated: May 31, 2004 ]

OLE-Objekte anzeigen                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
This sample shows how to display Word or Excel files in an unbound OLE field.
[ Affiliated: June 13, 2004 ]

PrintLines                  Freeware
Create Vertical lines, Borders and boxes with the addition of a simple to use Class to your project.
[ Affiliated: May 04, 2003 ]

Text Export Class                  Freeware
This VB/VBA class exports data from a Jet database in text delimited format. It provides some extra functionality compared to the TransferText method in Access.
[ Affiliated: January 12, 2003 ]

VertcalJustification                  Freeware
Function to allow for vertical centering of the contents of a Label or TextBox control. Works with both Forms and Reports.
[ Affiliated: March 28, 2004 ]

Writing XML from Access            
To write an Access database to XML it can be simply printed using VBA (or your favorite language).
[ Affiliated: July 27, 2003 ]

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