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Calling Windows Choose Color Dialog                  Freeware
To call Windows ChooseColor dialog from code, we can use the ChooseColor API function.
[ Affiliated: January 12, 2003 ]

Calling Windows Choose Font Dialog                  Freeware
To call Windows ChooseFont dialog from code, we can use the ChooseFont API function.
[ Affiliated: March 08, 2003 ]

ChangeMDIBackGround                  Freeware
Function to allow you to specify a color or Bitmap Image for the background of the main Access MDI window.
[ Affiliated: June 01, 2003 ]

Comdlg32-Ersatz A00               A2000
Common dialogs for file, colour and font selection without ocx, also for Microsoft Access 97.
[ Affiliated: August 21, 2005 ]

Common-Dialog                  A97, A2000, AXP
Use the Windows open and save dialog without using ocx. This is also a good example for using class modules.
[ Affiliated: October 09, 2005 ]

EnumerateFonts                  Freeware
Functions to allow a user fill a ListBox with a List of the currently installed Fonts on your system.
[ Affiliated: June 29, 2003 ]

ProgressBar Demo                  MDB
Shows how to setup a (smooth!) progressbar without any OCX or even API - simply by integrating a prepared subform and a couple of lines of code.
[ Affiliated: July 27, 2003 ]

Selfdefined Inputbox Demo                  MDB
Shows how to easily setup your own input-form to query a user's input instead of using the built-in inputbox.
[ Affiliated: August 10, 2003 ]

Status - anzeigen von Statusmeldungen zur Laufzeit               Freeware MDB
Showing status information while long lasting operations
[ Affiliated: July 11, 2004 ]

Philipp Stiefel's sample shows, how to set a Access databse icon in the systray und demonstrates the usual features like a context menue.
[ Affiliated: February 12, 2006 ]

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