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Access Crash Reporter            Freeware
With the Access Crash Reporter you can have crash reports sent to you by e-mail from the users of your database at the push of a button. You will receive detailed information to better analyze the error.
[ Affiliated: May 24, 2018 ]

Access Startup Properties Tweaker         
A small tool to change the startup properties of MDB file, e. g. to reactivate the SHIFT button at startup in case you have locked out yourself.
[ Affiliated: July 04, 2014 ]

ActivX-Icon               Freeware OCX
This ActiveX control extracts the default Icon from any dll or exe file.
[ Affiliated: August 03, 2002 ]

AP-Änderungsprotokoll-Manager Pro            commercial (demo available)
Tracking and archiving of new, changed and deleted data set or fields.
[ Affiliated: September 19, 2004 ]

AP-DTA            commercial (demo available)
Complete solution for data carrier exchange with German banks.
[ Affiliated: August 22, 2004 ]

AP-DTA + KTO            commercial (demo available)
Complete solution for data carrier exchange with German banks. Includes bank code and account number check.
[ Affiliated: July 11, 2004 ]

AP-Postleitzahlensuche            commercial (demo available)
Selecting German zip codes made easy.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2004 ]

AVM FRITZ!Fax mit Access ansteuern               Shareware
This tools sends single or serial facsimiles via AVM's FRITZ!Fax solution.
[ Affiliated: July 06, 2002 ]

File Change Notification Component               Freeware DLL
The File Change Notification Component allows you to set up watches on one or more folders (optionally including the entire subfolder tree) so that any changes made to the folders result in a notification being sent back to you.
[ Affiliated: April 06, 2003 ]

File Search and Properties Object               Freeware DLL
The File Search and Properties Object is an enhancement to Microsoft Office's FileSearch object. It allows you to recursively search for a file on the hard drive and retrieve additional information (like Attributes, Size, Time Last Accessed, Time Created etc.) for specific files, or for all the files returned by the search.
[ Affiliated: April 21, 2003 ]

OBD PicView               Freeware MDB
Import and manage pictures from (Sony) digital cameras.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2004 ]

The Partial Replica Wizard            
With the Partial Replica Wizard you can create a partial replica without programming. All you do is specify a filter expression for a table, and the wizard sets the DAO properties and uses the DAO methods for you.
[ Affiliated: August 31, 2002 ]

Toolsammlung / Addin für Access               Freeware DLL
DLL add-in for Office (Access) 2000 / 2002 (XP) / 2003 - Visual Basic Editor provides 17 tools, mostly even for ADP projects, amongst others a messagebox builder and a function manager.
[ Affiliated: July 06, 2002 ]

Word Formular Import               A97
Tool for Access 97 to import any Word 97 forms of a directory into a Access database.
[ Affiliated: December 14, 2003 ]

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